Core Process

1.     Discovery

  • evaluate your current system(s)
  • review data archives
  • analyze sample of data
  • determine processing requirements
  • review customer goals
  • run trial conversion

2.     Implementation – the TrilliCom Engine™ in action

  • extract data directly from media at the source
  • operate storage subsystem independently of production environment
  • build conversion database
  • integrate customer unique requirements
  • utilize multiple ‘data feeds’
  • convert sites in parallel
  • maintain total media independence
  • export data and associated index information to neutral format or customer-specified format
  • process directly from media at the source
  • create security copy
  • media storage or destruction, when requested
  • removal of decommissioned hardware on a case-by-case basis

3.     Benefits management

  • validate all archives
  • maintain multi-level checkpoints with restart capabilities
  • maintain project tracking as a built-in feature
  • effect automatic reconciliation
  • generate reconciliation reports
  • custom reporting based on client needs