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A Conversation About Our Unique Service Offering

Client: I have limited staff and internal resources to complete a new system implementation.  How can outsourcing the necessary conversion work to TrilliCom help with the overall schedule for the implementation?

TrilliCom: We offer end-to-end conversion services on a case-by-case basis.  These services include extraction and conversion of legacy data as well as loading of converted data to your new system and assistance with implementation.

Client: The data in our archive is critical to the operation of our business, and we are expecting a significant payback from accessing this data through the new application.  How can we accelerate access to this data after the cut-over date to the new application?

TrilliCom: The first step is to prioritize the data to be converted by content, access rates, or other criteria.  We will then convert the most important data first so that you can load this data immediately.  In addition, we will process the archive in parallel using multiple engines to increase the throughput and keep pace with your ingestion schedule.  We can also provide custom banners or index information with the converted data to help speed the loading of the data.

Client: I have only one copy of the archive media and cannot risk sending my only data off site for processing.

TrilliCom: There are several options in this situation.  We can send our people and equipment to your location to extract the data from your media.  With the extracted data, we will complete the conversion processing at our facilities. A more economical approach is to ship the media in batches to our facility using same-day or special handling services from select delivery companies.  These services allow for continuous tracking of each shipment until it reaches our labs or back to your location.  We will process the media as we receive it.  We will then return the batch before the next one is shipped so that only a portion of your data is off site at any one time.

Client: My production systems run 24×7 and cannot be interrupted.  How can the data be converted without impact to my operations?

TrilliCom. Process using our own hardware at your site or ours.  Our data extraction process was designed to minimize the impact on production systems.  For example, if we are in the midst of extracting data from a platter or tape and your system receives a file request for data on that media, we “pause” the extraction of data and return the media to you for mounting and satisfying the file request.  When the file has been read, we reload the media in our equipment and continue with the extraction from the point of the pause.

When the extraction is complete, we have your data on interim media and can then complete the processing at our facilities, again without impact to your systems.