As a partner and developer, Trillicom has produced several technology-leading solutions in Data Architecture, Data Conversion and Data Migration for IBM clients.

The following products are ready for IBM PureSystems. Trillicom is among the first application providers to certify their solution on IBM’s new family of expert integrated systems.

FileNet Conversion and Migration Services
The TrilliCom Engine solution extends the IBM® Content Manager OnDemand and FileNet platforms by extracting foreign EMC and ERM archives directly from any storage platform (optical, disk, tape) without access to the source platform at high-speed. The Engine supports over 200 applications (IBM Content Manager, Coins, Mobius, TREEV, FileNet, SER OnBase, CA View and Deliver, Optika, Jack Henry, Anacomp, Systemware, Sungard, et al) and can apply transformations to the legacy data and metadata (AFP, PDF, TIFF) transforming the archives to a format for loading into IBM CMOD. Customers can seamlessly access old and new archives from their CMOD repository (ETL) Hardware, software, connectors and maintenance costs are no longer a burden as the customer data has passed through the Engine and now resides in an enterprise wide repository. Click here for more…

ECM Conversion and Migration Services
Software Engine extracts digital CRM ERM archives directly from any platform without access to legacy platform. Supporting 200+ application formats (Coins, Mobius, TREEV, FileNet, CA, et al) can apply transformations to legacy data and metadata (AFP,PDF,TIFF) transforming archives to a format to be loaded into IBM® CMOD. Click here for more…