Data Conversion

Our staff consists of system and data architects, software developers, and project managers with years of experience in data storage on most popular platforms (Z/OS, UNIX, i-Series, P-Series, WINDOWS, SOLARIS, and others).  Our diverse experience in system architecture and design, document management, report archival applications, imaging systems, optical and tape storage, hardware device integration, and software development across many platforms and applications is the foundation of our unique solution.

Specifically, there are four aspects of our services that make offering unique:

  1. Fast, automated, and repeatable processing of large archives
  2. Ease of integration of new data formats across platforms and applications
  3. Flexibility to integrate unique customer requirements without core changes
  4. Audit, processing, and transformation logs for project accounting and reconciliation reporting

Our Experience: We have many years of successful project delivery working with old data formats, applications, and media.  We offer solutions that cross platforms and applications.  TrilliCom offers end-to-end conversion services, starting with extracting data from source media and creating a backup or security copy to loading of converted data to the new application and assisting with implementation. We are experts at integrating our customers’ unique requirements in the final solution.

Our Process: Our conversion services are based on a proprietary system: the TrilliCom Engine™.  The engine was designed with three major goals:

  1. Extremely accurate and fast processing of data in highly scalable systems with no reliance on existing applications or environments
  2. Ease of integration of new data formats across platforms
  3. Flexibility to integrate unique customer requirements during processing

Processing is independent of the existing application or environment and does not require the use or interruption of production systems.

Our Conversion Facilities: TrilliCom maintains multiple platforms and environments in its data center, ranging from IBM S390 to Unix and NT.  We own a large inventory of tape and optical storage systems, including many large libraries (Kodak ADL, Cygnet 1800 Series, FileTEK Storhouse, FileNET OSAR, Storagetek, HP, DISC, Plasmon, IBM 3995, and others) and many more smaller devices and drives